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About the creosote bush Normally when plants “breath,” they take in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Well, this process also causes plants to lose water. The Creosote Bush makes up for this by only breathing in the morning when the humidity is the highest. It also faces southeast all the time, so it can soak up as much sun as possible. Smart plant! These plants can go up to two years without water and live for up to 200 years. They are clonal plants and they are known to be one of the oldest living organisms on the planet. a plant that old and wise that can withstand time and live that long, it’s no wonder it can offer so many health-promoting benefits! Full of oils like: Pinene – A compound found in pines, Limonene – Citrus, Camphor – Pines and rosemary, Methanol – Wood alcohol and 2-Undercanone – Spices! Many uses and benefits include being great for acne, muscular cramps, colds, chest infection, intestinal discomfort, nausea, wound healing, poisons, swollen limbs from poor circulation, dandruff, body odor, postnasal drip, relieves pain when applied topically and oil can be used in sunscreen formulations and soaps! So soap up and enjoy a part of the desert!
Alpine Soap Co. Cold process bars ~ Castile liquid shower gel
CreoSoap creosote glycerin bars ~ creosote Castile liquid shower gel w/100% Creosote essential oil
*All products are homemade so expect color variances and pieces of the botanicals used. *All packaging is recyclable and bars are soft enough to cut. *No product is intended to cure any condition.
all ingredients are: Fair Trade Non gmo vegan containing no: Palm Oil alcohol ~ preservatives sulphates ~ Parabens
currently available scents:

in bars:

lavender unscented
11 Oils neutral scent
oak moss neutral scent
honey oatmeal neutral scent 
sweet orange {out of stock}
wakame seaweed {out of stock}

shower gel poured to order by email below:

sweet orange 
eucalyptus Choose which is right for you:


Lavender, Sage, Oak Moss, Patchouli, Creosote cleansing~Purifying 
Sandalwood, Sage, 11 Oils (Alpine Desert), Sweet Orange, Spearmint, creosote, mimosa Soothing 
Sage, Plumeria, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange
11 Oils, Plumeria, Lavender, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus Diminishes signs of eczema, psoriasis, acne 
Lavender, Patchouli, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, creosote Anti-fungal~anti-bacterial~antioxidant
Lavender, Patchouli, creosote, mimosa Exfoliating 
Honey Oatmeal, Wakame Seaweed Oak Moss, Sandalwood 
Rose, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, spearmint, mimosa
 Aids damage caused by UV/UVB rays
Rose, creosote, lavender, patchouli, sweet orange
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