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My Vision...

is to create art from the inspirations around me. From the smallest blade of grass to the towering skyscrapers surrounding us.


-- Harry Winston

 I have lived in Texas most of my adult  life. The colors, forests, lakes, highways and horses of this state are like no other. Texas has so many  different landscapes it would take years to find all of her hidden spots...treasures. But I try.

I love design. All parts of design, but my favorite aspect is photography. And because painting is not an option for me, I turned to the digital world to do what I cannot, paint. Today’s technology allows us to do whatever we can imagine. The sky is the limit so I blend photography and painting to render something sublime.

I create art that is laced with inspiration and full of character. My pieces are original,
quality and  go hand-in-hand with any personal style.  If you are interested in buying a print, please email, call or visit my gallery at Pictorem, the best partner in production an artist can hope for!  MAKE MY ART YOURS!

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